Analysis of diaphragm wall stability to DIN 4126, DIN 4126-100 and EC 7/DIN 4126:2013.


  • Analysis using either the global safety factor concept ( DIN 4126) or the partial safety factor concept (DIN 4126-100 and EC 7/DIN 4126:2013)
  • Safety against groundwater ingress into the trench
  • Safety against slippage of single grains or grain groups
  • Safety against slip planes endangering the stability of the trench
  • System input and visualisation using absolute heights
  • Soil properties can be selected from an expandable database of common soils
  • User-definable water pressures
  • Variable design of output sheet including visualisation of Sum R, failure planes, penetration depth, support forces, earth pressures, etc.
  • Output table in graphics format
  • Adopted standard, program name and version can be included in the General legend
  • The prefix 'EC 7' can be placed in front of the 'DIN 4126:2013’ designation in the General legend
  • Print or copy screen sections, e.g. for transfer to a word processor
  • Integrated Mini-CAD system for additional annotation of graphics

Current updates & changes

  • 9.04 (21.01.2021)
    • Product management
  • 9.03 / 8.07 (01.09.2020)
    • Bugfix: Input of more than 8 soils.
  • 9.02 (26.03.2020)
    • Analysis of slip of individual grains extended.
    • Program revision
  • 9.01 (03.02.2020)
    • Product management


  • 9.00 (14.02.2019)
    • Undo function implemented.
    • PDF import implemented.
    • Mini-CAD: Layer designations can be defined.
    • Expandable database with soil properties for common soils.
    • Screen visualisation accelerated.

    Info: Paid major update (free of charge for licensees with subscription or update insurance under the software service agreement)


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System preferences

GGU-Software runs on PCs with the following specifications:

  • Pentium III or higher processor
  • Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, 8.1and10 compatible
  • 500 MB free hard disk space
  • DVD-ROM drive or internet connection (for installation)
  • USB Interface 2.0 or higher (for licence CmStick dongle)
  • CmActLicences NOT on virtual maschines


Stability analysis for diaphragm walls with GGU-TRENCH (55min)

Which verifications are to be carried out for the stability calculations of diaphragm walls?

Prof. Dr. Uwe Glabisch will explain the theoretical principles of stability tests on diaphragm walls in this short training course and show how you can demonstrate internal and external stability using the GGU-TRENCH software solution. The short training course was recorded in advance and can be viewed free of charge after registration.

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