Campus- & Student licences

Information about university and student licences

Universities and other educational institutions have access to the complete GGU-Software suite in a campus licence package for exclusive software use in research and teaching.

These so-called Campus licenses (CL) are regular full versions of the GGU-Software programs, and are exclusively intended for:

  • teaching, lectures, seminars
  • course assignments, Bachelor's and Master's theses
  • research projects

The Campus licence package includes:

  •  1 network licence (20 uses) for a PC pool
  • 2 single-user licences for professors and other trainers 
  •  three-year update insurance for all new program versions

The manuals are available as PDF files in electronic format only.

For an offer, please get in touch with:

We offer students the opportunity to leverage the entire GGU-Software suite over a one-year period. It is possible to unlock the software again at the end of the year.
To unlock your student licenses, we require the following documents:

  •  a written declaration that the software will only be used for an assignment/thesis.
  •  certificate of matriculation from the university.

To apply for your free student licence, please return the completed Application form.