With the multitude of programs we offer, it's easy to lose track. You may ask yourself: Which programme is exactly right for my task? We will be happy to help you with this and other questions. Give us a call, write to us using the enquiry form or use our new support portal for your support requests.

Our in-house sales team supports you with any questions regarding the selection of suitable software and licensing models.

Civilserve GmbH, Exclusive Distributor of GGU Software
Weuert 5, 49439 Steinfeld, Germany

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You already use GGU-Software and need assistance or have a technical issue? Then quickly and easily use our Fast-Support-Portal. Our support team will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Civilserve GmbH, Exclusive Distributor of GGU
Software Am Hafen 22, 38112 Braunschweig, Germany

Support Hours:
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Note: We recommend submitting your support request via our online Fast-Support-Form or by email to for faster processing. Please understand that inquiries by phone cannot be prioritized. However, we want to ensure that we assist you as effectively as possible with your concerns.


You haven't had any experience with support portals yet?
No problem - we have a short video for you that provides an insight.

Please note: The video is currently only available in German.

We are delighted to support you remotely and assist with your concerns.


For beginners, career changers, and those seeking to refresh their expertise, we offer paid day seminars or webinars that cover professional utilization of our GGU software solutions.

The seminar offerings of the Civilserve Academy are complemented by courses, further education, seminars, and expert presentations from the State Office for Material Testing and Research of Saxony-Anhalt (LMPA), focused on the intersection of environment and business. Through collaboration with LMPA, we've consolidated our expertise.

Please note: Our seminars are currently only available in German.

Seminar Dates 2024


Civilserve GmbH, Academy for Geotechnics
Weuert 5, 49439 Steinfeld, Germany

 +49 (0)5492-6099996