Licensing models

Information about the two license models NNL and FNL

You can choose between two licensing models. Non-network licences and floating-network licences are available.

An NNL is a non-network-capable single user licence. It is only possible to use the respective licenced GGU programs on the PC where the CmStick or CmActLicense is located.

The FNLs are entered on a CmStick, which is preferably plugged into a server, or a CmCloud container.

The licences may be permanently installed on any number of computers. The licence is queried via the network. Simultaneous use of the licences is permitted up to the maximum number of computers stipulated in the purchase contract. Depending on the number of licences, this means it is also possible to work with the same GGU programs on different client PCs at the same time.