Licence Coupling

Information about the possibilities of the licence coupling

GGU software is provided with the WIBU-Systems CodeMeter software protection system. CodeMeter is a license and digital rights management system with a secure, online licence purchase option.

To be able to work with the GGU programs,

  • the licence driver software, the CodeMeter-Runtime Kit for Windows, must be installed on all PCs and
  • a license binding must be present on a CmStick, a CmActLicense on a PC or on a CmCloudContainer.

The CmStick represents the CodeMeter system's hardware. It contains a chip on which the CodeMeter system licences are stored. A CmActLicense is a type of licence that does away with special hardware components. The CmActLicense is based on a signed and encoded licence file. When using a CmCloudContainer, the licenses are located on the CmCloud-Server of the company WIBU-Systems and the licenses are mirrored on your CodeMeter license server.

We describe the two possible licence coupling options below.

The GGU-Software licences are linked to a USB dongle, the WIBU-Systems CmStick. Therefore, before you can work with GGU-Software programs, such a CmStick must be available in your company. 

This licence coupling is intended for floating network licences (FNL) and for stand-alone licences with changing PC usage. The CmStick must be plugged into a PC or server that is constantly in operation.  Alternatively, the CmStick can also be plugged into a dongle server located within your network. The SEH DongleServer Pro or dongleserver ProMAX is suitable, for example.

This licence coupling is particularly suitable if several employees in your company need to work with the GGU programs in alternation.

No CmStick is required for this software-based licence. The CmActLicense is linked to the respective PC hardware. This licence coupling is only available for non-network licences ​​​​​​​(NNL). The use of a CmActLicense in connection with virtualisation software (virtual PCs/servers) is excluded.

Your advantages:

  • immediate use after licence coupling is complete
  • forwarding the license by returning it to the online license ticket system with subsequent coupling to a different PC

With this license binding you do not need a CmStick. 
The license is located on a CmCloud server from WIBU-Systems and is mirrored on yourCodeMeter license servers. The GGU programs check at startup and during runtime whether a license is present on a CmCloudContainer. A permanent internet connection is required for this purpose.

This license binding is only available for Software Service Contract (SSV) customers.

Your advantage:

  • Immediate use after license binding has been completed
  • Licence access, depending on the contract, from up to 500 seats (users or PCs) at your various locations.
  • Use also via virtual PC and Mircosoft Cloud PC
  • No annual license activation (Codemeter updates) Software Service Contract (SSV) customers 
  • Use of old major versions for SSV customers

We would be pleased to advise you in a telephone call which license coupling and license type makes sense for you.