Gravity walls

A gravity wall is a massive retaining wall for a terrain jump. It resists the earth pressure and - if present - water pressure with its mass alone. Gravity walls can consist of natural stone, artificial materials or concrete.

For gravity walls, static verifications of the internal forces must be carried out and the external stability must be verified. The following individual verifications must be carried out:

  • calculation of the baring capacity safety according to DIN 4017,
  • calculation of the sliding safety,
  • calculation of tilt resistance,
  • calculation of settlements according to DIN 4019,
  • calculation of safety against hydraulic heave,
  • calculation of buoyancy safety,
  • dimensioning of the wall material,
  • calculation of the overall stability according to DIN 4084.

Computations for external stability and internal forces can be carried out using the computer program GGU-CANTILEVER. As the name of this computer program indicates, it also provides necessary verifications for cantilever walls also.

In the case that the gravity wall consists of gabion elements, the associated verifications can be performed using the computer program GGU-GABION.

Both GGU-GABION and GGU-CANTILEVER provide a convenient interface to the stability analysis application, GGU-STABILITY, for a quick determination of the safety factor against general failure.

For further information regarding computations of the safety factor against general failure please see the glossary entry „Slope stability, overall stability“.

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