Settlement analysis of triangular and rectangular foundations including mutual influence of neighbouring foundations.


  • Generation of footing foundations, circular foundations and annular foundations
  • Consideration of vibrodisplacement compaction after Priebe
  • Settlement analysis at any point inside or outside of the foundation
  • Settlement analysis at any depth
  • Settlement analysis at any layer base
  • Settlement analysis of individual layers
  • Consideration of kappa correction coefficients (DIN 4019)
  • Excavation unloading can be taken into account. 
  • With a given excavation unloading, the resulting load re-application can be taken into account with a constrained modulus for load re-application
  • Limiting depth analysis using p % of overburden stress, a multiple of foundation width or a fixed value
  • Graphics oriented input of system geometry
  • Soil properties can be selected from an expandable database of common soils Automatic computation of Young's modulus from Es and nu
  • Settlement presentation in plan or in any vertical sections as normal, colour-filed or 3D contours
  • Subgrade reaction presentation as normal, colour-filed or 3D contours
  • Analysis and presentation of settlement depression section
  • Analysis and presentation of stress distribution (also as contours = stress bulb)
  • Differential settlement presentation as contour lines
  • Presentation of analysis results as tables
  • Automatic display of section course in a legend
  • Soil properties and general information on your analysis data displayed in legends
  • User-defined design of output sheet Print or copy screen sections, e.g. for transfer to a word processor
  • Integrated Mini-CAD system for additional annotation of graphic

Current updates & changes

  • 6.11 (01.04.2021)
    • Product management
  • 6.10 (26.11.2020)
    • Graphic output table: saving and loading of all settings.
  • 6.09 (02.11.2020)
    • Product management
  • 6.08 (28.10.2020)
    • 'Coloured contours': Colour bar font size can be defined.
  • 6.07 (14.09.2020)
    • Product management

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System preferences

GGU-Software runs on PCs with the following specifications:

  • Pentium III or higher processor
  • Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, 8.1and10 compatible
  • 500 MB free hard disk space
  • DVD-ROM drive or internet connection (for installation)
  • USB Interface 2.0 or higher (for licence CmStick dongle)
  • CmActLicences NOT on virtual maschines


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