Construction Phases and Dismantling of Retaining Walls with GGU-RETAIN (44min)

Webinar Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Glabisch0 GGU-RETAIN

This webinar will demonstrate the GGU-RETAIN program’s ability not only to design a retaining wall for a single – and final – depth of an excavation pit, but also to have a close look at state variables like moments, shear forces, displacements etc., which vary with different phases of the excavation. Additionally our expert Prof. Uwe Glabisch will lead you through the menu of the program GGU-RETAIN to outline its competence to compute the state of a dismantling, meaning here to cut a row of anchors and to have the acting forces redistribute within the system. Having chosen a diaphragm wall as an example he will be able to show you the effect of considered construction phases on the reinforcement and its distribution over the diaphragm wall’s cross section.