Analysis of multiple well installations and sump pumping with GGU-DRAWDOWN (36min)

Webinar Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Glabisch0 GGU-DRAWDOWN

This webinar will demonstrate the GGU-DRAWDOWN program’s ability to analyze multiple well installations and sump pumping after Davidenkoff. Rectangular, circular and polygonal excavation pits of any shape can be analyzed. The influence of open water, confined aquifers and sheet pile walls can be taken into consideration. The program has optimization routines for the well number, the radius and the well depth. And – as with every GGU program - the comprehensive graphical evaluation options allow the presentation of the complete analysis results on the screen.

Our expert Prof. Dr. Uwe Glabisch will provide you with informations on how to use the program and how to calculate and evaluate results. You can watch the video recording of this webinar free of charge after you have registered with your name and e-mail address.