Analyses for dolphin design after Blum and using the p-y method with GGU-DOLPHIN (33min)

Webinar GGU-DOLPHIN Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Glabisch0

This webinar will demonstrate the GGU-DOLPHIN program’s ability to analyse and design dolphins. Both the Blum’s method and the p-y-method can be applied. The Recommendations of the Committee for Waterfront Structures “EAU” presents both methods as equivalent and possible ways to design dolphins. Depending on the application, dolphin piles are exposed to different actions. Breasting dolphins must be capable to accept the actions exerted by the mooring process. Design is performed by specifying the ship's mooring energy to be accepted by the dolphin pile, which is referred to as required working capacity. In contrast to breasting dolphins actions to be transferred by rope tension and berthing forces can be designed for static loads.

Our expert Prof. Dr. Uwe Glabisch will provide you with informations on how to use the program and how to calculate and evaluate results. You can watch the video recording of this webinar free of charge after you have registered with your name and e-mail address.