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Software is a tool that provides the user with reproducible results, enables complex evaluations in the shortest possible time and documents results. When operating these tools, the user's previous knowledge is crucial. For job starters, career changers and anyone who wants to refresh their specialist knowledge, we organize free "webinars" on various geotechnical topics at irregular intervals. A webinar is an online conference to which you can log in via an Internet link. You will then see and hear the live presentation of our speaker. These live presentations will be recorded and are then available in the video archive.



GGU-STABILITY consideration of consolidation layers (27min)

Welcome to the webinar to the programm GGU-STABILITY with respect to consideration of consolidation layers.

After a short introduction with a few details considering the theory you will see the handling of consolidation layers and some examples.

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GGU-DOLPHIN analysis and design of dolphin piles (62min)

Welcome to the introduction to the programm GGU-DOLPHIN.

GGU-DOLPHIN allows the analysis and design of dolphin piles which are loaded horizontally in most cases. After a short introduction you will see the menues of the hole program and some examples. 

We have made this short training course available to you free of charge.

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GGU-2D-SSFLOW Trailer (5min)

An overview of the potential of the computer programm GGU-2D-SSFLOW.

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