GGU software is provided with the WIBU-Systems CodeMeter software protection system. CodeMeter is a license and digital rights management system with a secure, online licence purchase option.

To be able to work with the GGU programs,

The CmStick represents the CodeMeter system's hardware. It contains a chip on which the CodeMeter system licences are stored. A CmActLicense is a type of licence that does away with special hardware components. The CmActLicense is based on a signed and encoded licence file.

We describe the two possible licence coupling options below.

The GGU-Software licences are linked to a USB dongle, the WIBU-Systems CmStick. Therefore, before you can work with GGU-Software programs, such a CmStick must be available in your company. 

This licence coupling is intended for floating network licences (FNL) and for stand-alone licences with changing PC usage. The CmStick must be plugged into a PC or server that is constantly in operation.  Alternatively, the CmStick can also be plugged into a dongle server located within your network. The SEH DongleServer MyUTN-8 is suitable, for example.

This licence coupling is particularly suitable if several employees in your company need to work with the GGU programs in alternation.

No CmStick is required for this software-based licence. The CmActLicense is linked to the respective PC hardware. This licence coupling is only available for non-network licences ​​​​​​​(NNL). The use of a CmActLicense in connection with virtualisation software (virtual PCs/servers) is excluded.

Your advantages:

  • immediate use after licence coupling is complete
  • forwarding the license by returning it to the online license ticket system with subsequent coupling to a different PC

We would be pleased to advise you in a telephone call which license coupling and license type makes sense for you.