Design and calculation of embankment piles according to ZTV-Lsw 88.

Only available in german language.

Analysis of piles in slopes compliant with code of practice ZTV-Lsw 88 (Zusätzliche Technische Vorschriften und Richtlinien für die Ausführung von Lärmschutzwänden an Straßen).

Noise abatement walls are often built on piled foundations. These piles are almost exclusively subject to horizontal wind loading. Based on the global safety factor concept the program computes the necessary lengths for such piles within slopes. Analysis is based on the pile stability against being pushed out (similar to bearing capacity failure).


  • Basis for analysis is ZTV Lsw 88
  • Choice of analysis using either partial safety factors to DIN 1054:2005 or EC 7 or global safety factors (DIN 1054 old)
  • Presentation of a schematic system diagram with user-defined slope inclination
  • Computation with/without lateral forces
  • Input of horizontal force and moment at pile head manually or using standard sections compliant ZTV Lsw
  • Default partial safety factor values can be adopted for the various EC 7/DIN 1054:2005 load cases
  • Global safety factor 1.4 can be varied
  • Pile design and crack width analysis compliant with EC 2
  • Analysis of Sum V
  • Among others, the following results are printed together with the schematic system diagram: slip plane angle, pivot depth, joint length, passive earth pressure, equilibrium force, maximum moment (at a depth of...), necessary pile length, etc.
  • Presentation of analysis results and crack width analysis as output table in the results legend
  • Adopted standard, program name and version can be included in the Input data legend
  • User-defined output sheet
  • Print or copy screen sections, e.g. for transfer to a word processor
  • Integrated Mini-CAD system for additional annotation of graphics

Current updates & changes

  • 3.02 - What´s new (24.04.2012)
      Product management
  • 3.00 - What´s new (06.03.2012)
    • Partial safety factors to Eurocode 7
    • Program name and version can be displayed in the General legend.
  • 2.02 - Bugfix (11.02.2011)
    • Bugfix: Open/Save dialog box in Vista and Windows 7.
  • 2.0 (24.09.2008)
      New Features
  • 1.00 (26.09.2006)

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