Analysis and design of dolphins according to Recommendations of the Committee for Waterfront Structures Harbours and Waterways EAU 2012


  • • Analysis using partial safety factors to EC 7
  • Steel analysis using EC 3
  • Required working capacity determination using different equations
  • Expandable database for sections
  • Simulation of steel sections corrosion
  • Analysis of a selected load case or comparative analysis of several load cases in a single computation
  • Analysis with a selected section or with optimum section determination
  • Analysis using different sections possible for a dolphin
  • Graphic supported section length optimisation in analysis using different sections
  • Buckling analysis with fy,k reduction or according to DIN EN 1993-1-6
  • Analysis of sum V
  • System input using absolute heights
  • Soil properties can be selected from an expandable database of common soils
  • Definition of up to 10 load cases possible
  • Passive earth pressure calculation to DIN 4085:2017 or DIN 4085:2017 planar slip surfaces
  • Three-dimensional passive earth pressure to DIN 4085:2017
  • Consideration of seismic effects via altered earth pressure coefficients to EC 8
  • Result presentation for earth pressure, moment, shear force, normal force and displacement in the system graphics
  • Analysis results can also be presented in different legends and as output table
  • Visualisation of the used section as sketch in a legend
  • Adopted standard, program name and version can be included in the
  • General legend
  • User-designed output sheet
  • Print or copy screen sections, e.g. for transfer to a word processor
  • Integrated Mini-CAD system for additional annotation of graphics

Current updates & changes

  • 1.06 (11.07.2019)
    • Bugfix: When analysing "General load cases" load cases with working capacity must be first. They are now sorted automatically.
  • 1.05 (10.07.2019)
    • fender analysis implemented
  • 1.04 (04.07.2019)
    • Bugfix: Font size selection
    • Bugfix: Different sections: Calculate weight
    • Additional factor for working capacity calculation implemented.
  • 1.03 (24.06.2019)
    • Analysis of systems with base inclination improved.
  • 1.01 (17.06.2019)
    • Product management

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