On the following pages we have compiled current webinars and video recordings for you. A short registration with name and e-mail address is required for participation in a live webinar and for the video recordings.



Stability analysis for diaphragm walls with GGU-TRENCH (55min)

Which verifications are to be carried out for the stability calculations of diaphragm walls?

Prof. Dr. Uwe Glabisch will explain the theoretical principles of stability tests on diaphragm walls in this short training course and show how you can demonstrate internal and external stability using the...

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Geotechnical Design of Earth Dams (78min)

Geotechnical Design of Earth Dams Using "State of the Art" Software 

Sample Project: "Wippra" 

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Flood protection with GGU-STABILITY und GGU-2D-SS-FLOW (29min)

Using examples, Dr. Peter Grubert shows how flood protection calculations are carried out with GGU-STABILITY & GGU-2D-SSFLOW.


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Retaining wall analysis with GGU-RETAIN (33min)

Using examples, Dr. Peter Grubert shows how calculate ond optimize retainig walls with GGU-RETAIN

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