Analysis of elastically supported slabs with GGU-SLAB (37min)

Webinar Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Glabisch0 GGU-SLAB

This webinar will demonstrate the GGU-SLAB program’s ability to analyse slabs using the subgrade reaction modulus and the constrained modulus methods. To solve the differential equation which we will have a look at a little later the finite-element-method is employed. Slabs with varying thicknesses and varying material properties can be examined. The subgrade modulus profile can be varied with almost no restraints. The constrained modulus distribution can be defined with stratigraphic profiles. For both methods there is a possibility to define interpolation meshes for soil properties. Both the influence of vibrodisplacement compaction after Priebe and of piles can be investigated.

Our expert Prof. Dr. Uwe Glabisch will provide you with informations on how to use the program and how to calculate and evaluate results. You can watch the video recording of this webinar free of charge after you have registered with your name and e-mail address.