About us

The Civilserve company, founded in 2000 with offices in Steinfeld and Braunschweig, Germany, is the exclusive distributor for GGU software. In addition to marketing and distributing GGU software, we regularly host practical seminars and online conferences to train the professional handling of the programs. More than 4000 companies and institutions, with thousands of users, successfully use our software solutions in their projects in the fields of: stability analyses, groundwater flow modelling, borehole analysis and data visualisation.

We are a reliable partner for stable software solutions. Here, we rely on flexible licensing models and training modules that enable our customers to grow in a forward-looking manner with a safe investment.

Our software solutions for environmental technologies, foundation works and soil mechanics are as diverse as the specialisations in the ground engineering industry.

Together with you we want to define milestones:

  • Work with tools that suit your range of services.
  • Exploit the decades of experience invested in these programs for your own projects.
  • From now on, only create impressive annexes and expert reports that your clients will acknowledge.

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