Nivelties in the Mini-CAD module
Drilled and driven piles.

Calculation of construction and building vibrations according to to M. Achmus, J. Kaiser and F. tom Wörden.

Drilled and driven piles.


  • Theoretical basis taken from Bulletin No. 61 (IGBE, University of Hannover)
  • Selection of type of vibration-generating equipment (e.g. vibrating pile driver, diesel hammer, drop hammer, vibrating plate, vibratory roller or deep vibrator)
  • Expandable equipment database for a wide variety of equipment types
  • Equipment data may be entered by hand or adopted from the database by the program
  • Differentiation between ramming and compaction/densification
  • Consideration of type of building
  • Consideration of various soil types
  • Evaluation of vibration variables
  • Diagram of the footing vibration velocity based on distance from the vibration source
  • Analysis data and results displayed in a legend
  • Prognosis support of required distance from ramming position for the control and verification of ramming effects
  • User-definable positioning and sizing of individual graphics elements and legends
  • Print or copy screen sections, e.g. for transfer to a word processor
  • Integrated Mini-CAD system for additional annotation of graphics

System requirements

GGU-Software runs on PCs with the following specifications:

  • Pentium III or higher processor
  • Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, 8.1and10 compatible
  • 500 MB free hard disk space
  • DVD-ROM drive or internet connection (for installation)
  • USB Interface 2.0 or higher (for licence dongle)