Nivelties in the Mini-CAD module

Notes on the Campus and Student licences

Campus licences

A complete campus licence package is available for research and teaching in universities and educational establishments.

The offer exclusively applies to use of the software in the research and teaching fields. This is a so-called campus licence, which may be used/installed on up to 20 computers in a network. The manuals are available as Adobe PDF files in electronic format only.

The campus licences include a three-year update guarantee on all new program versions.

Current prices for the substantially reduced campus licences are available on request (see application at the right).

Student licences

If you would like to work with GGU software outside of the assignment/thesis framework, ask whether a GGU software campus licence (20-user network version) is available at your institute. If no campus licence is available, we will be pleased to make your institute an offer at short notice at substantially reduced prices.

For assignments/theses

We provide students with the opportunity to use our GGU programs for the entire duration of their assignments or theses.

For this you need your own hardware licence key (CodeMeter stick). In order for us to activate your CampusLicence, you must buy a CM stick in the CodeMeter OnlineShop: Buy CM stick

In order to process an assignment/thesis, we require the following documentation:

  • a written declaration that the software will only be used for an assignment/thesis.

  • Confirmation of your institute on the time frame and topic of your thesis.

  • Certificate of matriculation from the university.
    Please use the form provided here for your application.

After receiving your Codemeter stick and installing the associated software you must create a context file and send it to us so that we can activate the GGU licences on the CodeMeter stick.